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In the digital age, international trade has changed dramatically, it has gone from limited and closed to open and overabundant. While thousands of possibilities, offers and strategies are now presented to companies wishing to develop their business through international procurement, we help them find the solutions that best meet their needs while organizing their supply chain. Our vision is to eliminate the barriers and challenges of international procurement for SMEs.

Our mission is to help small and medium-sized enterprises interested in international procurement to find suppliers & products adapted to their needs, while organizing and optimizing their supply chain. We build relationships of trust between SMEs and suppliers, positioning ourselves as the trusted and successful player. We represent SMEs that are looking to take advantage of globalization and international procurement, but do not have the capacity to develop and manage their relationships with their suppliers.


    We have a global network of suppliers and partners with a focus on the Asian market, as well as privileged access to the domestic markets of various exporting countries with various advantages, allowing us to offer the most suitable solution for each client.


    We identify and implement the best strategies to carry out all import & export procedures while ensuring that the conditions of collaboration between our customers and suppliers are respected through supply chain management.


    We develop the supply chains of SMEs for long-term distribution while building trusting relationships between suppliers and our customers. We take charge of supply chain development and management while representing your company on site.

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We help small and medium-sized enterprises to benefit from the advantages of international procurement.

Analysis & Sourcing through our locations in strategic locations and our well-established network of suppliers and partners.

Import & Export procedures contracted, insured and complete towards the creation of your supply chain on the long term.



  • Analysing request

    We start by studying your request, carrying out analyses to identify the major points, essential needs and external constraints to be taken into account in order to offer you the best solutions, adapted to your needs. This analysis procedure is carried out by physical or telephone appointment.

  • Market sourcing

    Our team launches a complex sourcing process, on-site in countries that offer attractive export advantages, while selecting a list of products and suppliers that best meet your needs. We sort and filter suppliers according to numerous criteria defined by the “Supplier Protocol” charter.

  • Proposing solution

    The Analysis & Sourcing report is distributed, composed of the best solutions for the client’s request. We demonstrate the basic parameters such as selected suppliers, products, price ranges, delivery, after-sales service, etc. Our evaluation system takes these options as a reference.

Product Specialization

Our expertise does not focus on a specific family of items. Our value resides in our ability to carry out challenging tasks for a variety of needs, with an overview of the chain for successful assignments. Our expertise covers both international trade techniques related to China, and Chinese culture and its impact on trade flows with the West, to the benefit of the SMEs that trust us.

Our role is complementary to yours: you know the products, and we know the manufacturers and their working methods. It is this same complementarity that is at the heart of our partnership approach.

We therefore remain open to any request to buy any product in Asia, for any product, whatever it may be (as long as it is not a counterfeit: this seems obvious, but it is better to formalise it). It can be the pure research of an existing article, or the technical development of your own product.

As soon as we are mandated by a company as a purchasing department in China, we obviously refrain from working with a competing company on the same products and on the same market.

Our import & export services

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    Analysis & Sourcing

    Our team will check your request and get in touch with you to find out more. After that, they will produce an expert report in order to propose the different options available to you.

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    Diversified team work

    The team is consisted of people who have different nationalities and backgrounds, providing multi-language service. We minimize the obstacle and focus on business itself.

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    Total support

    Our team will take advantage of media and online platform to supervise and update each step of international trade in order to give our clients an experiential purchasing experience.

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    Business savvy

    We design, evaluate and justify technology solutions from a thorough understanding of the business benefit for your company.

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    Complete follow-up

    Working with us gives you access to an innovative and technological tracking platform that allows you to track the progress of your orders.

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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We offer products that comply with ISO quality standards and guarantee quality assurance for our customers (SAL) for long-term assignments.

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