Globalization has become the theme in this era, which asks companies to operate their day to day business with a global vision. And thus, there is an increasing number of SMEs look forward to discovering different possibilities by trying international procurement in order to fulfill the needs of cost-saving, upgrading production lines and so on.

Nevertheless, the problems will come simultaneously as the company is implementing an international procurement. SMEs are likely to miss better choices due to the lack of knowledge of the supply-side or meet difficulties to ensure the profile of suppliers and payment terms. In light of this demand, we set our positioning in line with the SMEs’ benefit, helping those SMEs analyze and source in the target market. Then the consequence will be eventually demonstrated by a written report that illustrates a completed overview of supply-side and the verification of shortlisted suppliers. We believe that our analysis and sourcing can really facilitate SMEs whether they are searching wholesale products, industrial or personalized products to improve their judgment and know what they should do in the next step.

Our mission is to offer you the products and suppliers best suited to your needs after in-depth local research, making you be a great beneficiary from the beginning.

  • Have a global vision

    Having a complete vision of your market and therefore more globally, knowing more your market, will be an essential advantage for your strategies and your development.

  • Have a competitive advantage

    A price advantage could significantly help you stand out from your competitors. We are here to find the best supplier, with the most attractive offers while ensuring quality products and follow-up mission for long-term relationship.

  • Global strategy & negotiation

    Our analysis & sourcing is a very interesting offer to understand and have a better vision of your market and its evolution. It represents a real value to discuss and re-negotiate your positions with your current suppliers.

  • Factor of confidence and success

    We are here to support your expansion and your development by positioning ourselves as a factor of confidence and success of your international trade missions.


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  • Analysing request

    We start by studying your request, carrying out analyses to identify the major points, essential needs and external constraints to be taken into account in order to offer you the best solutions, adapted to your needs. This analysis procedure is carried out by physical or telephone appointment.

  • Market sourcing

    Our team launches a complex sourcing process, on-site in countries that offer attractive export advantages, while selecting a list of products and suppliers that best meet your needs. We sort and filter suppliers according to numerous criteria defined by the “Supplier Protocol” charter.

  • Proposing solution

    The Analysis & Sourcing report is distributed, composed of the best solutions for the client’s request. We demonstrate the basic parameters such as selected suppliers, products, price ranges, delivery, after-sales service, etc. Our evaluation system takes these options as a reference.

We select the ideal suppliers carefully. Discover Thaosen Index


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