What is the Analysis & Sourcing mission?

Our analysis & sourcing mission aims to analyze your import needs and to make analyses and recommendations on the best solutions available to you, for your international commercial operations.

How are my needs analyzed?

When you send us your needs, our team will analyze the internal and external needs and constraints, which are mostly, ignored by the customer. Problems related to international relations that must not disrupt your international business.

What do I receive for an analysis & sourcing mission?

An analysis & sourcing mission allows you to receive a report with all the options available to you and a strategy put in place by our team for your project. This allows you to familiarize yourself with your approach and to launch the import & export procedure.

How long does an analysis & sourcing mission take?

From the moment we have signed to work together, a team will be exclusively dedicated to your project to propose a report as soon as possible. We commit to share the report with you within 3 weeks.

What kind of response times can I expect?

We work with each client to establish specific expectations. Our measurable service levels specify clear consequences for not living up to agreed-upon expectations.

What are your import-export missions?

When you work with us in an import export mission, we start by offering you a free analyse & research mission with the proposal of strategies and options adapted to your project. When you validate an solution, we take care of everything, relationship with manufacturing companies, production, verification, permits, delivery etc.

Where the products are manufactured?

The products are mainly made on the Asian continent. We have thousands of partner companies in China, which allows us to select those that are best suited to your needs.

How to follow the production of my products?

Monitoring the production of your products is one of our priorities, we are developing a platform to optimize this monitoring. Working with us guarantees you videos and key figures on real-time production.

How the products are transported?

We have concluded agreements with the main transport companies, the products can be transported by air, rail or container cargo. It depends on your request but we have access to all types of transport thanks to our import-export company permit.

What to do if there are defective products?

Our mission is to eliminate the possibility of defective products by focusing on production quality and product verification before shipment. However, all import-export missions with Thaosen are studied to propose a “return” and “maintenance” branch organized by our partner companies.

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