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We are here to organize all your import & export procedures.   
Our company is a factor of confidence that will ensure you unbeatable prices, guaranteed quality and proactive long-term follow-up thanks to our local presence and privileged links.

Retail and wholesale operates on the global stage, trading goods and services worldwide. Thanks to retail and wholesale and trade flows, consumers nowadays have access to products from all corners of the world. In a globalised economy, trade policy plays a pivotal role in strengthening the competitiveness of the supply chains.

Enriching your product range and giving your customer more likelihood to choose is always a good way to operate as a wholesaler or distributor. Working with Thaosen, we can provide wholesale products of numerous industries that exactly you want. Contact us to find more!


  • Electric appliance

    We provide various types of electric appliance that have huge demand in every market such as hair dryer, electric shaver, washing machine and so on. Many models and price level are waiting for you to choose.

  • Outdoor goods

    Outdoor activity is a popular and charming activity. Thaosen provides outdoor equipment such as backpack, alpenstock and tent. We believe in that you can find ideal product to attract customers in your market.

  • Pet item

    Thaosen loves nature and animals. We aim to provide best choice of pet items such as pet carrier, pet car, pet bed. Please do not miss this opportunity to enrich your product options in pet item market.

Our service


  • Analysis & Sourcing

    We analyse your needs and produce a report presenting the possible solutions and our strategies adapted to your project.

  • Validation and negotiation

    We proceed to the validation and implementation of the strategic mission in communication with manufacturing companies. Setting up the complete supply chain.

  • Verification and production

    We start the production of the products and offer you a complete mission follow-up. You get all the information about your order in real time. Our company or partner will check the quality of your products.

  • Follow-up and maintenance

    The project and strategies will be adopted taking into account this important factor, the return of defective products and maintenance. You will then have access to a private line and a dedicated service.

  • Documentation handover

    Client will get whole set of documentation to pick up cargo in port of discharge according to the condition that had been discussed in the contract.

  • Sending products

    We will prepare the entire organization from the sending to the reception of your products. All this by the transport solution chosen in advance.



Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, Thaosen has you covered with industry compliant solutions, customized to your company’s specific needs.


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