As a result of globalization, companies are required to conduct their day-to-day business with a global vision. Thus, a growing number of SMEs are looking forward to discovering different possibilities by trying international purchasing to meet the needs of cost reduction, modernization of production lines, etc.

In order to grow through international purchasing, small and medium sized companies need to go through 3 key steps that we have identified and used to design our 3 axis strategy.

We have developed a strategy based on 3 axis. The first is analysis. Analyze and Sourcing to act intelligently. The second is action. Operate import & export procedures to gain autonomy. The third is development. Develop your supply chain in order to automate your procedures and start your long term development.

Our priority is to propose the solution that is most consistent with the needs and constraints of each of our customers. To develop and operate responsible, sustainable and agile supply chains that meet the demands of a dynamic global distribution industry while protecting and improving the lives of all those involved in the industry. Our goal is to contribute to the development of millions of SMEs through the development of sustainable supply chains.


    We have a global network of suppliers and partners with a focus on the Asian market, as well as privileged access to the domestic markets of various exporting countries with various advantages, allowing us to offer the most suitable solution for each client.


    We identify and implement the best strategies to carry out all import & export procedures while ensuring that the conditions of collaboration between our customers and suppliers are respected through supply chain management.


    We develop the supply chains of SMEs for long-term distribution while building trusting relationships between suppliers and our customers. We take charge of supply chain development and management while representing your company on site.

We have developed a 3-axis strategy made for SMEs. More information about our 3-axis strategy


  • Analysing request

    We start by studying your request, carrying out analyses to identify the major points, essential needs and external constraints to be taken into account in order to offer you the best solutions, adapted to your needs. This analysis procedure is carried out by physical or telephone appointment.

  • Market sourcing

    Our team launches a complex sourcing process, on-site in countries that offer attractive export advantages, while selecting a list of products and suppliers that best meet your needs. We sort and filter suppliers according to numerous criteria defined by the “Supplier Protocol” charter.

  • Proposing solution

    The Analysis & Sourcing report is distributed, composed of the best solutions for the client’s request. We demonstrate the basic parameters such as selected suppliers, products, price ranges, delivery, after-sales service, etc. Our evaluation system takes these options as a reference.


  • Analysis & Sourcing

    We analyse your needs and produce a report presenting the possible solutions and our strategies adapted to your project.

  • Validation and negotiation

    We proceed to the validation and implementation of the strategic mission in communication with manufacturing companies. Setting up the complete supply chain.

  • Verification and production

    We start the production of the products and offer you a complete mission follow-up. You get all the information about your order in real time. Our company or partner will check the quality of your products.

  • Follow-up and maintenance

    The project and strategies will be adopted taking into account this important factor, the return of defective products and maintenance. You will then have access to a private line and a dedicated service.

  • Documentation handover

    The customer will receive all the documents necessary to take charge of the cargo according to the transport & payment procedures negotiated in advance.

  • Sending products

    We will prepare the entire organization from the sending to the reception of your products. All this by the transport solution chosen in advance


  • Relationship & Negociation

    We are here to create your long-term partnership with the supplier. To do so, we position ourselves as a negotiator to help you obtain the most interesting supply chain.

  • Tailor-made Supply Chain

    We develop and create your tailor-made supply chain in order to structure and facilitate the different steps of the production of your products, from production to delivery and verification .

  • Total Follow-up

    We provide digital tools in collaboration with the suppliers in order to show more transparency on your supply. We structure the complex procedures of your supply such as return & maintenance.