In manufacturers’ dealings with suppliers, trust is important. Contracts can enforce basic rules and expectations, but the relationships work most effectively when each side has a basic level of trust in the other.

Thaosen team is always trying to provide clients reasonable and logical standards while we are helping clients to evaluate the suppliers. To offer better reliability, we decide to form our own index to support the client’s selection by regarding several aspects such as the scale of the company, production capacity, serviceability, corporate financial situation and so on.

Each aspect will be counted and marked by Thaosen, which can facilitate us to create a general ranking, demonstrating a very clear result. We expect that all our clients will find the most suitable supplier eventually.


    We analyze a series of well-defined internal factors (Reputation of the supplier, Factory, Location, Legal structure, Share capital, Date of creation, Sector, Field of action, etc.).


    We analyze a well-defined set of external factors (Client opinions, Verification through the Chinese government, B2B local platforms, CCI and other local commissions, local network).


    We have developed an artificial intelligence that will take into account the different factors evaluated by our teams on site while taking into account BigData’s data to evaluate the suppliers’ profile

We have developed a code of conduct for the suppliers we select. Discover our supplier protocol